Aimur. A company that stands out.

AIMUR LIGHTING SL, appears in 1994 with the manufacture of basic interior lighting fixtures in the Spanish market. Today we have been able to adapt to market conditions in both design and energy efficiency, putting on the market a wide range of products in LED technology, fluorescent, halogen and metal halide. In order to save energy and protect the environment, In 2010 AIMUR DECORATIVE was born, a new challenge AIMUR has products that are 100% recyclable and equipped for energy saving and environmental protection.

AIMUR LIGHTING Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of luminaires with a wide range of finishes that allow you to choose those that best fit the decor of your home, property or office and can create a warm and welcoming atmospher. We have a technical department to provide the necessary advice on all matters relating to systems functionality, better use of space, and other alternatives and solutions in dimmable fluorescent and LED systems. The objectives of AIMUR LIGHTING Ltd., are focused on the constant reinvestment to possess the most advanced manufacturing techniques and a refined control system that allows us to offer our products with the highest quality at a competitive price. In our facilities we have a small showroom where customers can check the lighting efficiency and aesthetic details of our LED luminaires.